Shane Anthony Harvey

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Air Traffic Controller – Shane Harvey


Shane Anthony Harvey was born in Manhattan Kansas  January 1983. His parents are Gilbert Harvey III now a retired Captain from the U.S Army and Sonia Harvey. Within a couple of years of Shane being born the family which also included his older sister moved to Boston Massachusetts to be closer to family. From an incredibly early age Shane showed interest in both astronomy and aviation. His love of anything aviation as fueled by his family which made frequent trips to local air shows and the New England Planetarium. In 1998 Shane, his mother, older sister and two younger brothers relocated to Stone Mountain Georgia.

In 2000, Shane graduated from High School while on the Honor Roll and a member of the National Beta Club and Honors Society. That summer Shane attended a new camp sponsored by OBAP and Delta Air Lines aimed at giving young minorites in the greater Atlanta area unprecedented exposure to the world of aviation. It was called the ACE camp.  During that summer Shane was introduced to a wide variety aviation experts including both active and retired airline pilots, a plethora of Delta Airlines employees including members of management and executives. Perhaps the most impactful persons for 17 year old Shane to meet were members of the Tuskegee Airmen and one Captain John M Bailey Jr.

That fall Shane attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he majored in Aeronautical Science which was the professional pilot program. After completing his freshman year at ERAU, Shane returned to Stone Mountain for the summer to participate in the newly developed addition to the ACE camp called the Flight Line. Again sponsored by OBAP and Delta Air Lines Shane was able to complete flight training up to and including his first ever SOLO flight.

In May of 2005, Shane graduated from ERAU with a major in Aerospace Studies and minors in Business Administration, Human Factors, Aviation Safety, Air Traffic Control and Humanities. While picking up cap and gown, Shane went in for an on the spot interview with ARINC Direct and was hired as a Flight Coordinator in Annapolis MD. For almost two years while Shane was employed by ARINC Direct he served as a Flight Coordinator but was selected for RVSM certification of new aircraft, ICAO Flight Plan Training and was instrumental in the development of ARINC DIRECT Fuel Service and Weight and Balance programs.

In February of 2007, Shane was hired by the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller. Upon successfully completing the rigorous training requirements both at the FAA Training Academy in Oklahoma City and Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC), Shane became a Certified Professional Controller at a level 11 ARTCC. In 2015, Shane was hired as a Traffic Management Coordinator in ZJX and in June of 2016 he began his new role as a North Operational Area Front Line Manager and Supervisor of Airspace and Procedures for the North Operational Area.

Shane currently lives in Florida with his wife of 12 years who he met in college back in 2002 and their three children. Shane Anthony Harvey II, Liam Anthony and Zoie Olivia. Shane and his wife spend hundreds of hours every year volunteering at the local school where their children attend and at their church. Shane also helps out with different local Aviation Camps the Jacksonville area whose purpose is to inspire young people and introduce them to the world of aviation professions that are available.