Captain Wayne Roberts – Lockheed Martin Corporation

A Special Thank You to Chief Test Pilot and Chief of Flight Operations for the Lockheed Martin Corporation, Captain Wayne Roberts. Recognized world-wide as one of the world’s best pilots.  Wayne Roberts is the only pilot in the country to hold an FAA Aerobatic Competency Card for the C-130 aircraft. Two, he is able to perform the extremely dangerous VMCg and VMCa, high AOA/high power stall maneuver in the Air Force C-5M Galaxy —— the largest aircraft built in the free world. Third, Wayne was the lead test pilot who supported all Navy P-3, USAF C-130J and USAF C-5 test programs. Arguably, two of the first maneuvers taught to new student pilots are power on and power off stalls in aircraft similar, in size, to the Cessna 150/172.

Lockheed Martin Test Pilot – 26 years / Corporation Technical Fellow

Designated Engineering Representative (DER) Test Pilot for the Federal Aviation Administration

US Naval Test Pilot: 12 years active – 11 years reserve; retired Captain

Development of the C-130J Hercules, Re-engining of the C-5 Galaxy, and upgrades to the P-3 Orion

BS Mechanical Engineering – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1977

Flight Test Experience:

  • US Naval Test Pilot School – Class 87, 1984
  • Naval Air Test Center Multi-engine Test Pilot – P-3 weapons clearances, Ground Proximity Warning System development, Engine Performance Monitoring Program development
  • Staff Instructor Pilot at US Naval Test Pilot School – Lead instructor for testing transports and asymmetric power
  • Joined Lockheed Martin in 1989 as the P-7 Project Test Pilot in Palmdale, CA; development of a heavily modified P-3 design with fly by wire flight controls and a new FADEC Turboprop. Completed the US Navy test program to convert the carrier based S-3A to the ES-3A. Project pilot on P-3 weapons systems improvement programs.
  • At the LM Marietta GA plant in 1991, completed the Canadian CP-140 Arcturus and the new cockpit and new autopilot for US Customs Service P-3’s. Citation II Captain for Lockheed Martin executive transport.
  • Chief Test Pilot for the C-130J development program. Responsible for the handling qualities and performance testing. Played key role in numerous design innovations leading to the successful incorporation of over 25% thrust increase with the original airframe shape and proven flight control system. Combined role as project test pilot and lead engineer on the C-130J FAA certified Automatic Thrust Control System.
  • In 2000 assigned as the Chief Test Pilot for Lockheed Martin Airlift Programs. Lead 9 flight test pilots supporting all P-3, C-130J, and C-5 test programs.
  • Conducted elevated risk test points on the C-5M Galaxy re-engine program including end points for structural tests, VMCg and VMCa, and high AOA/high power stalls.
  • Lead the development of the C-130J Block 7 Flight Management System integration and testing.
  • Leading the Type Design Update for the Commercial Version of the C-130J, LM-100J
  • Presented/Published Technical Flight Test Papers for SETP, ITEA, and Aero India

Air Show Display Experience:

  • Developed the Lockheed Martin C-130J air show display
  • Conducted all company C-130J air show displays since 1998; includes three Paris, three Farnborough, and weekend military air shows in the UK and US; over 100 display routines
  • Hold the only FAA Acrobatic Competency Card for C-130 aircraft